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Vintage Coach LFS Rehab

Another vintage Coach bag saved from the bins and made ready for resale. This duffle sac was already in good condition; just minimal wear and a squashed shape.

Lately I have been liking Castile soap instead of Dawn soap for unproblematic rehabs like this one where I’m really just cleaning and reshaping the bag.

My goal is always to stay as true to the state of the bag as when it was new. So if I can avoid recoloring balms I will and I never use shoe polish or acrylic paints to fix anything on these bags. (Customization is a different story.)

This whole process probably took about 1 hour of labor not including dry time.

I don’t bath every bag I rehab, but you can with these unlined vintage Coach bags. However, leather cpr and Blackrock are a duo I love and can be used on a wider variety of leather items to bring them back to life. Check out my website toolkit page for links to all these products and more.

Have you tried cleaning up a vintage Coach bag yet?

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