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I'm a professionally trained handbag and accessories designer. After a decade in the fashion industry, I decided to shift into reselling full time along with some other side gigs. I chronicle my journey on instagram regularly and found a need in the reselling community for the knowledge I gained over the years as an accessories designer. I have since developed resources to help resellers find, fix and flip everyday fashion bag & accessories brands for profit that I have gathered on this site like my blog, tool kit page, and vintage Coach Bag Resource.

When I joined the reseller community I realized that there was a lot of info on clothing and shoes, but the same was not true for bags, accessories, & even leather care. Despite bags having a higher average sale price, many resellers were not as confident picking up bags unless they were a well known luxury brand or in new condition. No one was focused on bag bolo brands or leather rehab for resellers. Now I am sharing how I leverage my knowledge to flip everyday bag brands & accessories for top dollar.

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