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Tumi Bags: Decoding the Tags

Decoding Tumi style tags for optimal resell value 🤑

You can find a metal tag or plaque, like this one shown, inside many Tumi travel bags like carry ons, laptop bags, luggage, & backpacks. The barcode is the Tumi Tracer number, it’s a 20 digit number that you can register with Tumi for incase your bag ever gets lost. Anyone can also report they have your bag by using this number and help reunite with your stuff using Tumi’s help.

The style number is right below it.

Google this with the word ‘Tumi’ and your bag or other versions of it will pop up. Now you can easily mine those hits for keywords and style names!

When it comes to listing bags for resale, style names and numbers in your listing make a big difference. People are much more fanatical about bags they love than clothing; so you can count on them knowing the names of their favorites, especially if they need to replace it one day.

Have you flipped Tumi bags yet?

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