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Frequenly Asked Questions


Do You Offer Bag Restoration Services?

Short answer: Yes

I am open to restoring your bags, but please keep in mind you will need to cover all shipping costs & service costs. I only take on a few clients per year at my discretion. You might consider booking my low cost consult service first to see if some advice would help you resolve your bag's issue on your own. I also have tons a free info on my IG profile and regularly help folks out who post on my FB group. I recommend people spend some time going through those free resources first. If you think sending your bag in is worth it to you, send me an email with clear photos of your bag in various views and it's needs.

Want to Buy My Bags?

Short answer: Yes, to Resell only.

I love making deals with others on bags & accessories to resell. Generally, I'll be looking to make 3x my investment/ buy cost on your items. That means the prices need to be low enough to flip for a profit.  (Hint: I usually pay between $1-20 an item.)

If you want market value or close to it for your bags, I'm not the person to reach out to; I can't make a profit that way. Remember, I am not a collector.

Also if your bags need cleaning/restoration, that will lower the amount I am willing to pay. Something to keep in mind. If you want to make a deal shoot me an email  or IG DM with photos of your bags, any wear, and what price you would like for them. Bundles are best to save on shipping costs. Look at comps of your bags to get an idea of what you can reasonable expect a reseller to pay for them!


I have a bag with an issue, can you help?

Short Answer: Yes.

I run a free Facebook group where you can post pictures of your bag's issue and get help from the community. If you want direct advice from me, you can book my IG service using the link below, then DM on Instagram. I'll take a quick look at photos of your bags problem vis IG DM and give you specific directions on how I think you can best fix it. I'll also send you links to any products I recommend. Make sure your videos or photos are repayable in the chat.

I'm not sure if my bag is authentic, can you help?

Short Answer: Yes

I don't run an accredited authentication service or have any kind of certification in authenticating bags. I do have over a decade in bag design and tons of knowledge & experience looking at, touching, and constructing bags. I have spent untold hours comparison shopping bag brands, studying bag design, learning quality materials, and how design affects costing. You can book me directly to have a quick look at photos of your bag and get my thoughts & opinions on its authenticity. You can also post photos on my free Facebook group for help from the community. Links below.

IMG_7888 2.jpg

Can I consign my bags with you?

Short Answer: Yes

I am open to it, but I do have a one rule: Your bag must have a current resale market value of $100 or more. It's just not worth it otherwise for either of us. If you’re mailing in your bags, consider there will be shipping costs for you to cover. Do a search on solds of your bag to see what it's reselling for. If you have one you think has a high enough resale value to be worth consigning, email me using the link below.

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