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This reselling automation tool is a game changer for serious Poshmark resellers. It's the reason I make consistent sales and don't have to waste my time being on Poshmark all day. I can't recommend this enough, it pays for itself immediately!

Use code excessbagagge for 20% off !

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I use Vendoo daily to cross-list and manage my inventory. Think of it as a command center for all your listings. Vendoo also has sales & inventory analytics. My favorite is the quick auto delist/re-listing feature! Import listings directly from any supported platform. Clone sold listings easily to sell similar or same items and save time. The value is amazing and they keep improving the service! 

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Other Supportive Affliate Links

Shopping online? Get cash back on purchases just for using the Rakuten link. Sign up with the link below and get $30 free!

New to Poshmark? Use my code EXCESS_BAGAGGE

for $10 just for joining. Its free!

Opening a new bank account for reselling? We'll both earn $100 when you join Chime. Learn more below.

Moo creates quality print products like thank you cards for orders. Get a $20 MOO Gift Card + 25% off  your first order when you use my link.

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