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Replacing Hardware on a Vintage Coach Willis Bag

Did you know that it’s pretty easy and cost-effective to replace the hardware components on vintage coach bags? In this reel I’m showing you how to replace the D ring on a vintage Coach Willis bag. You can also replace any of the dog clips & turn locks on other styles as well; just Google vintage coach hardware to find a replacement. As a handbag reseller, I will often get bags others leave behind for less because they are not willing or knowledgeable on how to fix them up. It’s a big edge! Vintage coach bags are one of my favorites because they clean up so well and anyone can do it with a little knowledge & time. And again, even the hardware is easy to fix. Can’t say that about many other bags. #handbagreseller #poshmarkreseller #poshmarkresellercommunity #flippingbagsforprofit #flippingbags #bagsflipformore #bagrestoration #handbagrehab

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