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Suede Eraser & Cleaner

I use the brush & eraser to clean suede but also to remove spots, dirt, and scuffs off of leathers too. Works great on leather shoes, nubuck, minimally finished leathers, and some scuffs on heavily finished leathers. Check out my content for the 'wet method' and 'dry method' for cleaning suedes. For the wet method, I like the Angelus easy suede cleaning solution. Can be purchased as a full kit here if you need the cleaner and a brush.

Recoloring Balm/ Kit

I use this as a scuff cover & recolor agent. You will need to choose the right color for your project, but I have found the black to be a great investment. It doesn't need to be exact, just close. This product is from a UK based company and is designed for absorbent leathers. Color goes on light and adheres to the worn areas. Not waxy, heavy, or shiny. Restores faded and dry leather color but should be finished with a leather protectant to seal in the color. If you have your own leather protectant cream and micro cloths, use the link on the left to purchase just the recoloring balm. Comes with applicator sponges. Great for restoring vintage Coach bags!


*Not the same as leather dye and not suitable for dying leathers.

**If you are starting from scratch, the full kit (on the right) is a good investment. Includes the protecting cream, sponges & a leather cleaner cream. Remember to choose your balm color at check out.

Blackrock Leather Conditioner

This conditioner is so nice on most leathers. Leaves it moisturized with a semi-gloss sheen. Great for conditioning leather Vintage Coach bags, leather shoes, straps, & trims. I recommend this as an alternative to Dr. Martens Wonder Balm, which isn't good for use on most leathers. Not for use on suede, nubuck, or patent leathers. 

Weiman Leather Wipes

 This is my first step in prepping most leather items for photos or rehab. Easily cleans any superficial stuff + shines, and conditions. A must have for any reseller dealing with leather bags, shoes, even leather clothing. If your bag has no major wear and just needs a quick condition, refresh them with a wipe down. If you are lazy at rehabbing your leathers, this is the perfect no fuss, convenient cleaning product you need in your tool kit. Not for use on suedes.

Leather CPR

If your leather is dirty or stained after being wiped down with a leather wipe, I like to use this product. Think of it as a 'mask' treatment for your leather. It cleans and moisturizes. Lay it on thick and wait a few mins before wiping off. Leave it longer on tougher stains. (Won't remove oil stains.) Condition after with Blackrock. Very versatile leather restoring product to have in your tool bag.

KRUD KUTTER KK32 Original Cleaner/Degreaser, 32-Ounce 

I love using this to spot clean fabric linings inside bags, clothing, exterior stains on fabric bags... It works on a wide variety of stains safely! Scrub with a soft brush on tough stains. Then wipe & blot with a damp cloth or toss in the washing machine. Repeat as needed! this product is really versatile and I try it on mystery stains all the time with great results. 

Super Glue & Leather Glue

I have included this item because I use it regularly in my bag rehabs. Shoe splitting apart? Glue it. Loose seams, peeling footbeds, peeling edge paint, even tears can be stabilized by gluing at times. Most any super glue brand will do. This is my favorite, which includes a precision nozzle and a brush applicator in one. Perfect for when you need broad strokes or when you need just a tiny dab. I restock it in my tool kit all the time!

**I am finding a leather glue is great to have on hand too, for gluing things that need to remain a bit more flexible like fringe or straps. Superglues can sometimes dry really stiff. so when I need the leather to remain softer I use Fiebling's leather cement.

EZ Detailer

This product is a cleaner and protectant for plastics, patent finished leathers, and vinyls. I use it to clean up the inside of Lesportsac bags; it gets rid of the stickiness! Could work great on plastic jelly bags, plastic beaded bags, and plastic coated fabric bags. 


I clean almost all metal hardware components with this product. Great for polishing hardware on vintage Coach bags. It does smell caustic, but it gets the job done and is widely available. Use a disposable q-tip or old tooth brush when applying. Polish and buff with a cotton rag after for best results.

Kiwi Foam Applicators

These work great for applying recoloring balm, cleaners, and conditioners without getting your fingers dirty.

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