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How To Tell A Bag Is Expensive Without Knowing the Brand Ep 2

I love doing these videos because people are always incredulous or super grateful to learn!

I also get to show off my handbags designer knowledge, which I never miss a chance to do.

I think it's also a great way to show how you don't need to know bolo brands to pick up great finds in bags or fashion otherwise. Quality is seen and felt. When I did design full time, I spent a lot of time looking at expensive bags and going to stores to touch them. It's a big advantage when reselling bags and even clothing. I can't count the number of times I pocked something up because it looked or felt a certain way- then turned out to be a great flip!

I know a lot about bags, but I still don't know every great brand to flip. New ones come out everyday too. I rely on my training and intuition to guide me in what to look up. This is something I learned over time and anyone with a mind to can as well. I still make rounds to stores to see whats trending and what is new designs & materials luxury houses are coming out with. My point is that I am always learning too. That doesn't stop me when I don't know the brand and it should stop you either!

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