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Dying A Hobo International Lauren Wallet

What do you think of the results?

It’s pretty easy to do with just 3 main products. Keep this option in mind when your leather piece can’t be fixed or has seen better days.

Blog Bonus: Find some of the products I used in my rehab tool kit page. You will need 3 basic products:

1) Leather Dye- color of your choice

2) Deglazer- this is a really strong acetone; I have seen people use regular nail polish remover, but I think it's better to have the degalzer.

3) Resolene- Its a clear and flexible acrylic finish. You can use other finishes/sealers as well, this is just how I did it.

Have gloves on hand (get it?!?) as well as cotton pads and paint brushes. My dye came with a wool dauber and I used that to cover the largest areas with dye.Then I used a paint brush to get all the small details. You can use degalzer to remove dye from the hardware pieces. I do recommend taping any plastic like that of the ID window slot with a paint type. It's hard to remove the dye from it otherwise. I have had dye leak through seams before too, so keep that in mind. When it happened to me it was near where the frame hardware meets the leather, so I needed to be more careful!

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