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Coach - Dating Hangtags

It's good to be familiar with your Coach hand tags when reselling this brand. The Coach hang tag has changed over the years. Above I have created a visual guide using bags I currently have. I am sure this guide will get an update once I can photo more tags from different years. My dates should be looked at as time frames and not exact.


Even missing a good chunk of time between 2000-2020, you can still see an evolution. I would not depend on this guide to 100% authenticate or date your bags. However, the hang tag is definitely a point of authentication when doing so.


One example: If your bag has a hand tag style from the 70's but a style number from 1994, you could be looking at a fake or just a real bag that someone has changed the tag on. You will need to look at other points of authentication to determine if the bag is real or not. Obviously, don't sell fakes, but if it's the latter situation, you will want that disclosed in the listing.


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