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Cleaning Suede- Dry Method

Here is an updated how to clean suede -dry method! This is my first step when dealing with suede items. Suede is a porous, unfinished leather that will absorb oils and liquids. Working it dry is always best! Use any brand eraser you like or head to my Tool Kit where I have this and other rehab items linked on my Tool Kit page.

If you can’t treat your problem dry, check out my cleaning suede -wet method reel/post. Remember, never put any oily balms, creams, or sprays on nubuck or suede. Only use products that are specifically for those leathers; because suede is porous is absorbs anything easily like oils from your hands and liquids. using the dry eraser method is also a great way to refresh sueded items annually! Even if you can’t see a stain or problem- use the dry method to keep your suede items looking amazing.

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