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Brand Profile: Frank Clegg


This gem comes to us from She found a bag from this brand in the Threadup assorted bags section recently for a steal. 👏🏼 (At the time of original posting)


In their own words, “We state with pride that every piece bearing the Frank Clegg name is designed and handcrafted in America. We do not compromise on skill, materials, or technology, but rather combine time honored handwork and modern machinery resulting in exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. "Make it right, never rush" is our workshop mantra.”


Established in 1970, this mainly mens brand is known for their leather briefcases and weekenders. Retail is in the $900 range and resale in the $500-300 range on Poshmark. I have featured the Commuter Briefcase above, one of their more popular styles. They also do belts and some women’s bags.


I am thrilled to add another Mens accessory brand to my mental catalogue because they resale for more with less competition. Goes with out saying- check comps on any bags from this brand! It definitely on my bolo list.


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