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3 Tips For selling scarves

Updated: May 22, 2023

3 Tips for reselling scarves for high profits! If you are new around here, I'm Annette and I am a high PPU fashion reseller with a focus on bags and accessories like scarves. Scarves can be such an untapped category! People still need and shop for scarves, but I have a feeling they get passed over a lot because the common misconception is that they don't make a lot of money. WRONG.

If you know what you are looking and how to show it off in your listings, scarves can be profitable.


1. Brands matter a lot when sourcing scarves. It’s the main search term for getting your listing found. Sourcing scarves that buyers are looking for will keep them from sitting in your inventory. Luxury brands always do well.

2. Style your scarf as 👏🏼many👏🏼 ways👏🏼 as you can think of on a mannequin or model or yourself. Anyone can model scarves; crop your head out if you want to remain anonymous. Get creative! Tie it different ways, stage it with a coat, and don't forget a view displaying the entire pattern.

3. Keywords are key to selling in this category, more than others because buyers will be looking for very specific things. Be sure to describe the feel & look of your scarf. Is it lightweight and flowy? Chunky knit? Wool free? Include details like if it was made from a place that is know for a quality material like Scottish wool, Irish linen, Peruvian alpaca.

Think about it- who really needs another scarf these days? Buyers will be looking for a specific brand, material, or quality.

Pro Tip- It’s really difficult to sell unbranded or low quality scarves for meaningful returns online- I don’t pick them up, even NWT. I have tried & there just isn’t enough margin to make it worth my time.

Bonus tip- always include measurements; length and width. Don't skip this step, your scarves will sit longer.

Additionally, I list scarves year around, but I prioritize ones that are seasonally appropriate for the US since Poshmark is my main bae. Happy Thrifting!

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