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3 Reasons Why Your Bags Are Not Reselling

My top 3 reasons why your bag might not be reselling.

If you have great bags listed and they are not selling, one of these reasons maybe why☝🏼 Of course there are exceptions and other reasons why, but these are the mistakes I see committed regularly, in my opinion, by most sellers.

1. Presentation- I think is common sense but I still see tons of sellers photographing their bags flat and just removing the background. Stuff those bags out! Make sure you include a 3/4 shot of your bag so buyers can see it's capacity and shape.

2. Scale- The secret weapon in my strategy. Since including a model shot or mannequin shot I notice my bags sell faster and for more! I always include measurements anyway, but a photo showing scale is more impactful.

3. Condition- Again seems common sense here, but the amount of people asking hundreds of dollars for their bags in poor condition is baffling. Buyers will value your bag less if they are dirty, stained, scuffed, and more if they aren’t presented well too. You might have a good style/brand but it won’t go for top dollar if it doesn’t look top dollar! My rule is that if I am expecting to take home $100 or more on a bag, I go the extra mile to make the listing shine. I might include a video or just max out all my photo slots with close ups and as many views as I can of a bag. I will also describe my bag as if I am telling a blind person about it to help increase the SEO.

If you have a great bag that isn’t selling, let me know if trying one of these tips changed the game for you.

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