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Vintage Coach Willis Bag & Station Bag-Different!

These two vintage Coach styles get confused a lot! I have seen listing incorrectly labeled and even had conversations where people were confused about what bag they were talking about. So that is where the idea for this reel cam about.

I break down the differences in this reel. Save and refer back if your are ever unsure.

Knowing the difference is key because one of these bags can sell for a lot more than the other. If yours isn’t selling maybe you confused it and thereby priced it wrong thinking it was one style and it’s really the other.

The easiest way to tell these apart is the flap: one has a dowel top and the other is a regular old flap construction. Also the Willis is a square shape and the Station bag is more rectangular at first glance.

We’re you already able to tell the difference or was this helpful to you?

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