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Removing Logo Embroidery on Bags

Who has removed embroidery from items for resale? 🙋🏻‍♀️

This one is for the newbies and kids in the back. Just seam rip those logo embroiders right off and save a thing or too. If the brand is good enough, things still often sell with logos embroidered into them. I am looking at you #patagucci

I got a lot of concerned comments about how you can still see the initials after I removed the embroidery. Yea, you can see the faint outline of the letters. It’s not perfect but it is more salable. You might find that sometimes when you remove logo embroidery you have no trace of it after. It all depends on the fabric it was embroidered on to.

My point with the reel was to show how to remove the logo embroidery to make your item more salable than if you life it on. Not to make it perfect.

I also cleaned up the bag exterior. After it dried it looked great as you can see in these photos. In my reel, it was still wet and I think that lead some people to think the bags was stained. It’s not!

Also, I disclosed any flaws in all my listings and include close up photos of any mending. I let the buyer decide from photos if the flaws are acceptable to them or not.

My goal with this bag and most of my items is to get it back out there in the product cycle instead of it going to a dump.

I wanted people to see they could still pick up bags with custom logos embroidered on and remove it to resell it. Especially if they brand is well know and has resale value.

Lots of things can be sold and used again, even if they have minor flaws & wear. I would consider the faint outline of the monogram on this bag a minor flaw! Shopping secondhand has never been more valuable to our global community, so please don’t let minor flaws stop you from reselling or shopping second hand goods.

Fix your bags. List your bags. Sell your bags for 🤑

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