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Leather Spew vs Mold

Ok, for the record, who termed this ‘spew’?!?

Knowing the difference between spew and mold can keep you from quitting or passing up on perfectly fine bags! Learn the difference so you can have a edge over the competition, which will surely be passing on bags with spew thinking it’s moldy.

Clean spew with a leather cleaner. If it keeps reblooming, use a spew stabilizer product on it. That’s it!

Spot clean leather molds with a solution of rubbing alcohol and water. I would also considered bathing the bag in the solution if it’s able to be submerged & then dry it out throughly; outside is best. Some ppl use vinegar too, but beware of using a vinegar solution on older leather items. The acidity can be too much for them & their stitching.

You can prevent leather mold by cleaning and conditioning your leather items yearly. Make sure they dry out completely and throughly if you bathed them. Avoid acidic leather conditioners like neatfoot oil. Additionally, store them in a cool, dry space away from sunlight.

It’s hard to get leather so moldy that it’s a lost cause. It’s got to be neglected and exposed to a humid environment for a long time. If you catch it early enough, it should not ruin your items. So don’t despair and try cleaning it off!

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