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Cleaning Suede- Wet Method

I get asked a lot about how to clean suede items. Here is my wet method for cleaning suede bags, shoes, & accessories. This works on a wide variety of stains on suede, but sadly not oil stains.

Blog Bonus: You can try to treat oil stains by smothering them with baking soda for a few days to see if any of the oil gets pulled out, but admittedly that might only work best with fresh oil stains. Cover the stain with baking soda, the cover the baking soda with a cloth and place the bag somewhere it won't be disturbed for a few days. Check back in 2-3 days and clean off the baking soda to see if any oil got absorbed out.

Best practice is to always try the dry method first. I have another post on the my dry method and why it’s my preferred cleaning method for suede.

This is also a good method for refreshing suede items, even if they don’t have visible stains. I would wash them once a year to maintain their condition.

I hope you are inspired to pick up more suede accessories and flip them for a profit now that you see how easy it is to clean them up!

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