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Vintage Coach Rehab pt3

Here is the final result!

Stuff you bag out for photographing-

it makes a big difference. I always tell people if your asking for too dollar your listing should reflect that. Well lit photos with stuffed out bags can help up sell. Take as many shots as you can to tell the story of your item.

When selling vintage coach bag specifically make sure you have a very clear shot of the Coach creed blind emboss stamp inside the bag. Collectors and resellers will be looking for this photo to authenticate your bag. In fact many really great coach bags never sell even at low prices because there’s no creed stamp

photo and people haven’t bothered to ask the seller to post one. Personally I have purchased vintage coach bags before without seeing the Creed stamp picture and I ended up with a fake, so now I never consider purchasing a vintage coach bag unless I can see the picture of the Creed stamp.

If you can show your bag on a mannequin or modeled on a person to give the buyer a sense of scale. I find that this has really helped increase my bag sales overall.

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