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Reselling Micheal Kor's Hamilton Satchel

Here is a sold from today to inspire you all and a lessen in knowing the market.

I am always hesitant to pick up MK because it has lost resale value in recent years. But I know from handbag design that the Hamilton Satchels were a bestsellers for MK and a bag that came to define the height of their past success. So I took a chance on this one which only needed a little interior spot cleaning.

Today I got and offer for $40 having had it listed around $90. Before deciding to accept I quickly checked what recent ones bags had sold for. They were still being listed in the $100 range and selling in the $40-90 range. I thought mine was in better condition than some of the lower solds. So I countered at $70 and the buyer accepted!

It wasn't a fast flip, but it was a solid ROI. So don't be afraid to take a min and see if your buyer's offer is in line with the market. (Conversely, this process will sometimes lead to to take a lower offer because I see the buyer's offer is decent or high for what an item is selling for!)

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