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Rebranding Excess Bagagge to Bitterbags

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The bitterbags logo of a girl with a messy Hi! Interested in bundling with anything else ? Would love to give you a great deal! announcing the brand update.
Bitter Bag's Update

I can't even begin to say what a hard loss its has been to lose all the community and work I put into my previous IG account, excess_bagagge. It sent me into a depression I am working to beat. Hard lessons have been learned. I don't know if it will ever be safe for me from Bots or trolls, to restart another 'excess bagagge' account. As a result I will be rebranding myself as Bitterbags here and on IG.

I still have no idea why my account was deactivated. I am torn between foul play and plain bot error. Instagram never responded to my appeals. So moving forward I need to be even more careful on how I show up online. I am already backing up posts here on my site and will be offering the detailed content here.

I'm keeping my logo and I hope that people who previously liked my work can find and recognize me again by it. Bitterbags was an account on IG I had for my design career, but I never did much with it. It was just an outlet for my creativity and bitterness at the inequities of the design world. Now I am bitter about losing my account so it works.

One of the precautions I am taking is no longer sharing my shop links here or on IG. If you want to purchase from me, you still can- by contacting me directly via email or DM for a Venmo or Paypal deal. It's not impossible to find me on other shop platforms, but it is not going to be easy anymore.

If you like my content and want to stay in touch, I encourage you to join my community here on my site. It's free. I also will continue with my FB group; also free. I just updated the name to reflect the new direction. I am planning on adding another social channel as well this year. I can't rely on only one anymore. I am trying to keep all my content free so it can benefit all. I hope that doesn't have to change in the future because of bad actors.

My linktree link has been updated as well and all on this site. Last change will be the web address. I will still be taking it slow on IG. I don't want to attract the attention of bots, algorithms, or malicious people. It's one step a at a time for me. If your are still reading, thank you. I appreciate you and anyone who has taken the time to keep up with on what's going on with me or my content.

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