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Nike Bag Tags Guide

Vintage Nike has been hot in fashion resale for a while now and the bags can be no exception- if you know what you have.

Here is a a visual tag guide I have been working on, using apparel tags as a help for the dates. Everything is approximate and subject to change, but hopefully this can start to give you an idea as to how old your Nike bag may be.

Rare 70/80s styles can flip for more, especially if you are willing to wait for the right buyer + have a gorgeous listing.

Trends like normcore, athleisure, & kidcore make some of these bags rare commodities, even if they are made from woven nylon & polyester. I sold one this year for $250!

If you have a vintage Nike bag and would like to contribute the tag pic to the next update post, please reach out to me, esp if you know the date it’s from.

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