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Kate Spade- Authenticating Recent Bags

A visual guide to 4 points of authentication for current #KateSpade handbag styles:

1. Correct current logo & font. 2. Woven Spade Tag 3. Black woven tag inside interior pocket 4. Paper tag inside interior pocket

The paper tag has the style number you can Google “WKRU6267”. In this case it’s the Medium Kacie Tote .

It also has the year of manufacture, in this case August 2019.

Older Kate Spade styles won’t have these points & I am not sure at what point they started doing these tags. You can easily tell fakes because they missing the past official logos but the style/silhouette will look like an iconic Kate Spade.

To be honest, I don’t think I have seen a fake Kate Spade I couldn’t spot. Have you ever been tricked?

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