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How to Pull Pull Out A Bag Lining

This is a quick silent video showing what I mean when I say I pull linings out of bags to clean them.

Most bag have a ‘drop in’ lining like the bag in this video. It is attached at the frost of the bag or top line, but you can pull it out because it’s not attached to the bag anywhere else.

Use a rag or towel underneath the lining when you apply cleaners to avoid seepage. I spot clean linings with the same products I would use to stain treat a clothing piece: oxiclean, krud kleaner, Shout wipes, Amodex, and dawn soap to name a few.

lots of bags get donated because people don’t want to clean the interiors and sometimes it’s a small stain. If you are confident cleaning linings you can get amazing thrift finds and flip for a big profit!

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