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Goodwill Outlet Portland Maine Trip

Thrift with me at the bins outside Portland, Maine!

Something a little different than my usual content, but hopefully still fun to watch.

I love thrifting in different states to see what is like. You can, weirdly, learn so much about the local people by going through the donated items; I feel like a fashion archeologist.

This location only rotates out 3 clothing bins at a time!!! I was shocked because at my local bins they rotate like 16-24 bins of clothing at a time. We have far less home goods however, and bags are sorted into a separate bags only bins. This location did more home goods/ mixed item bin rotations. The competition got a little heated once more people showed up, but everyone was polite. I didn’t feel worried about leaving my cart unattended to pick through bins- not so at my local bins!

Big take away was- don’t compare bins! The type of items available vary, the rotations vary, the competition will be different… This really made me realize that successful resellers need to find a balance between what they like to sell and what is abundant in their areas; or else order your own inventory to your door.

How did this location compare to your local bins? Sound off and let me know what state you hail from!

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