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Coach- Dating Bags Using The Serial Numbers- Part 3

This is part 3 in my series on how to date a Coach bag using the serial numbers. Wondering how to date your Coach bag using the serial numbers? Head Post 1.


If you identify your bag is from 2000-2014 using the serial number format, you can continue to decode it further as well! In the graphic above I am using X as a letter place holder. Coach used A-M, excluding the letter I to represent the months of the year. So a bag with B as the starting letter would have been made in February.


The second digits are the year of manufacture and the following two are the place. The last four digits are the style number and can be used to search for the style name. You definitely want to include this in your listings. This is how bags like the Willis gained search popularity today!


Why bother decoding the serial number on your Coach bag? As a reseller you can gain lots of valuable info that can help you generate keywords for your listings. SEO runs everything around us now, so it's critical to getting your listings sold. Knowing the year of manufacture can let you know if your bag is vintage and what fashion trends where going on during that same time that probably relate to your bag. It can also clue you in to your bags authenticity.


Most important is the style number that can help you find out the style name- as I mentioned already. Some people won't know or care about what the bag is called, but collectors will!

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