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Coach- Dating Bags Using The Serial Numbers- Part 1

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Coach bags are a top preforming bag brand for many fashion resellers. The brand is special because despite it's saturation, it is still popular. I get lot of questions about dating Coach bags and authenticity. Understanding how to read your Coach bag's serial number can provide answers to both!


This guide is for the serial numbers stamped on the interior patch known as the Coach creed or story patch. The exception is the tags after 2014, some of which are on a white paper tag inside the bag.


As you can see, the format of the serial number can already start to date your bag. If your bag doesn't have a serial number it could be pre 1970 or post 2014, when Coach removed the serial number from the creed patch to the tag. It's worth noting that small bags or SLG's like wallets and wristlets don't have interior creed patches.


In part two of this series, I will get into how to read the serial numbers after 1994, when Coach started implemented a new serial number system that identified information about a particular bag. I used 'X' to indicate a letter placement in a serial number and different letters will have different meanings. Understanding how to read these serial numbers and what the creed patches looked like/said during each year can help you detect a fake easily.


I am finding this information incredibly helpful as I continue to thrift and rehab Coach Originals.

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