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Cleaning Bags with Linings

This video is for anyone wondering how to clean their bag with a fabric lining.

I tell people not to bath bags made from different materials like leather and fabric. Why? Because different materials react differently to water and there is a high change it will permanently damage your bag. Some people claim they have put their bags in washing machines and it worked out- I'm happy for them, but I won't advise people to do that to leather bags!

If your bag is all fabric, then yes, you could hand wash it or put it in a washing machine. Think canvas totes. This could fade any prints or patterns, but sometimes it works just fine. If you bags is all leather, I would advise hand bathing it only.

And if your bag has a fabric lining, I would advise spot cleaning it like I show in this video. There is no magic trick but the hard work of going over all the stained areas of a lining with cleaning products. if your bag is valuable, this will be worth it, but if not, you need to weigh that before you purchase it to flip.

Bags & shoes are made to last a long time. If you are willing to put in the work, the ROI can be very rewarding. Your willingness to clean & fix an item may mean you can probably score it for less than your competition. Bonus- you saved a good item from the trash too! I find that with bags, especially, people don't realize there are easy fixes to a lot of issues. Additionally, you would also be surprised at the bags that still sell with blemishes or stains; but people just don't seem to know. Lots of thrifted bags look very beat up and are stained, so I don't blame the lay person for passing. In fact most bags I see get donated because the linings are stained, even if the bag itself is in perfect condition. Many times the stain isn't hard to clean up with a damp rag or some light fabric cleaning product, but people just don't try! Many times a little leather conditoner can reinvigorate a shoe or bag for top dollar flipping. This is were resellers can come in to fix and flip for a profit! Another reason to love the bags and accessories categories in reselling.

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