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Celine Cabas Tote Rehab Part 3

Celine Tote Rehab Part 3- go back and watch parts 1 & 2 for all the details on how I got this bag ready resale.

I was nervous to paint the handles but once I started I knew it was the right move. The leather finish had worn off, hardened and cracked in some spots from so much handling. There was no amount of conditioning that would fix it. The paint made it look almost new again, plus the acrylic will protect the leather and make it last longer. Not perfect but much better!

I did put in a lot of work. It is worth it to me to get this bag back in someone’s rotation and because it retailed for $1.4k!! So even a fraction of that will be a nice ROI from the bins.

I hope her new owner will love her as much as I have!

We’re you surprised at how this project has come along? Did you think it would turn out as well as it did?

I will be auctioning off this bag as soon as I get access to posh lives! Stay tuned for announcements!!

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