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Brand Profile: Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley was the mother of one of the cofounders of the brand which is women owned and has a mission to connect to women with meaningful beauty. Surprisingly, they don’t mention anything about how they became iconic for their soft, quilted bags in printed fabrics on their website. Prints is the name of the game when it comes to VB. Make sure you have the correct print name in your listings!

In their own words, “Since 1982, we’ve given women and girls what they need to go out into the world and make their own unique mark. Just the right strap drop, clever organization and plenty of pockets — all perfectly placed.” Today they also have a leather bag collection as well as other accessories and home goods in their pretty prints.

Luggage sets resell for the most at $500+. The rarest print going for a lot on Posh is “Tavern on the Green”. Harry Potter collab large bags and matching print sets lots go for over $200+ Disney collab bags and leather styles rank next in the $100+ range. Overall NWT and newer styles seem to command the best prices unless you’re selling a set. Animal and paisley prints like the Kensington or Cat’s Meow prints do well. Lots of ‘retired’ prints don’t sell for much, so do your research.

For me this is a bins brand. It is too ubiquitous to pick up unless very cheap and even then my strategy would be to collect pieces in a single print and sell it as a set. If you know your prints and have a low cog, you can probably do well flipping these bags. However, if I ever find a Harry Potter or Disney collab print, I would say yes!

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