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Before & After Coach Barclay Briefcase Restoration

*Reposting from IG. This rehab has a full video by me.

I'm doing things a little differently with my latest bag rehab and skipping straight to the before/ after pics! How did I get this Coach Barclay briefcase to look so good after finding it left-for-dead at a thrift store? You will have to stay tuned for the video coming this week.


It might look like I did a lot, but I spent less than 2 hrs! You would be surprise how far a micro cloth and some leather cleaner will get most leather pieces looking. This bag needed a little more but it was worth it.


I purchased this bag for about $3 and spent $16 for a replacement turn lock piece. I'll be ordering new D rings for the top bar which I project will cost me another $16. That's a $35 investment for a bag I expect to sell between $100-150! I would have definitely paid $35 for this bag had I found it great condition with the strap. If it had the original shoulder strap I could probably get up to $200.


One thing I learned form this rehab is that there is a market for replacement straps and hardware from well known bag brands. Remember that next time you find cheap or free bags that can't be resurrected- strip them for parts!


🧼Do you have any bag rehab projects in the works?

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