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Accessories Trend Report SS 2023 Anthropologie

Updated: May 28, 2023

Did some spring trend reconnaissance at the Chelsea market anthropologie in New York city. As a fashion reseller I make it a point to go to my local mall or shopping area every season to observe trends & buying strategies at large retailers.

This doesn’t mean I’m gonna run out and purchase things solely based off of the trends that I’m seeing to resell. I’m just taking notes on patterns that I’m recognizing within the store, popular colors, materials, silhouettes, product quantities etc…

Some takeaways: Barbie pink, orange and neutrals were still going very strong in terms of colors. The seasonal accessory offering, meaning accessories that are really specific to a spring summer season, were conservatively offered. It was plain to see, as well, that the buyers believed more in th athleisure items than they did in the more classic or seasonal pieces. If you have not already, you should have all your seasonal bag and accessories listed or starting to get listed. Since big retailers don’t have a big offering in this category, you might have a better chance to sell your items on the secondhand market; but also this the the time period for it. I wouldn’t have thought baseball hats were still hot, but the buyers at Anthro did- so noted!

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